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Whishield™ Anti-bacteria Filter Technology

Whishield™ Anti-bacteria Filter Technology

A Whishield™ anti-bacteria activated Charcoal pre-filter traps odors and pre-cleans the air before it reaches the HEPA filter. Whishield™ anti-bacteria technology which provides an additional layer of purification to inhibit the outgrowth of micro-organisms on the filter, eliminates over 99.99% of germs and bacteria and stops the secondary downstream contamination to occur on the filter.

In the daily living, air filters catch micro-organisms along with dust, pollens and smoke where the first cleaning layer pre-filter traps those large particles and dust which containing non-visible micro-organisms like Staphylococcus, Bacillus Substillis and etc. Those micro-organisms will start to grow and propagate across the pre-filter to create unpleasant odors over time which will direct impact you, your babies, families and pets health unconsciously. The current filtration cannot inhibit the outgrowth of those micro-organisms on the filters at all. Even though with the UV device in the air purifier machine, it still won’t inhibit the outgrowth of micro-organisms on filters effectively, especially the pre-filter that the UV cannot reach out to perform its’ function.

Under the normal circumstances, filter products can supply micro-organisms with a suitable reproduction environment. Microbial multiplication from constant humidity and moisture leads to product deterioration, creates odors and causes the secondary contamination. Whishield™ anti-bacteria technology provides antimicrobial product protection for filter paper and non-woven media.

After much experimentation and testing, we identify the exact antimicrobial properties your product needs for complete antimicrobial filter product protection.

To provide a most effective anti-bacteria filtration in a way to inhibit the outgrowth of those micro-organisms on the filters in air purifier machine especially the pre-filter which is the first defending layer in air filtration, Whirlpool® Whishield™ anti-bacteria activated Charcoal pre-filter giving you a best solution in facilitating the purpose.

The images below were taken to illustrate the powerful effects of Whishield™ anti-bacteria product protection. A filter surface with Whishield™ anti-bacteria protection and an unprotected surface were both inoculated with fungal specimens. These images show the powerful impact of Whishield™ anti-bacteria protection on a protected filter compared to an unprotected filter, where the outgrowth of mold and mildew are effectively inhibited over 99.99% eliminated.

Conventional Pre-filter Whishield™ Anti-bacteria Pre-filter
Conventional pre-filter Whishield Anti-bacteria pre-filter

Fig: Shows results of Secondary contamination effect and Comparison of Conventional pre-filter over same period of time.

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